To The Girl With A Broken Heart…

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To the girl with the broken heart,

If I could take your pain away, I would.

If I could make the person who broke you see what a mistake they made, I would.

Sadly, I can do none of those things. What I can do, though, is remind you of who you are.

You are not this heartbreak. You are not the girl that someone didn’t want. You are so much more than the situation you are in.

Once you heal, you will be stronger than ever before. It might take a long time to heal, trust me, I know. But it will happen.

You will carry on with the courage that you can be broken and pull yourself together. You will know that you can cry to two weeks straight and still outshine the darkness they left behind.

You are the one that got away. They will slowly realize that, but it will take time. And by the time they ever realize what they gave up, you will be too powerful and too damn happy to take them back.

I know it hurts. Wow, it really hurts.

To have the person that was supposed to love you…leave. To have someone you love not want you anymore…But it is now your turn to grow.

It is your turn to flourish and become the person you never thought you could. It is your turn to turn your pain into motivation and build the life you want. A life that will satisfy you more than any stupid man-boy could.

Is it your fault that they were too scared to love you? Is it your fault that they weren’t able to accept the love you tried to give them?


Those are their flaws. Those are their faults. Those are their mistakes.

You are good enough. I know it’s hard to believe right now, but you are.

They left because you were more than enough and they were overwhelmed.

You have a full heart and a strong soul and they simply could not bear the weight of it.

They were not strong enough to see the person you are and accept all that you tried to give them.

So take your attention away from stupid boys. Look past those who do not want to be in your life and appreciate those who do.

Run. Run your anger and your pain out. Put on angry music and run. It helps, I promise.

Do what you love.

Write. Paint. Draw. Sing. Spend time with your friends and family. Play with a puppy. Take up knitting. Run. Eat lots of ice cream. Pour yourself into your work. Get an A in every class. Make a new friend. Watch a movie. Go on a road trip.

Feel every feeling that comes your way, but do not let it hold you back.

Pour yourself into what you love and eventually, you will receive the love you deserve. A love that will make you forget whatever their name is… A love that is capable of loving you back.

It hurts, but it will get better.

It may seem pointless that the only thing you can do in your situation is to talk to those around you, but please do.

Do not hold this hurt in. Talk about it. Cry about it. Let it all out and eventually, there won’t be a drop left of hurt to squeeze out of your lungs.

They may not love you anymore, but I do. They might not want you, but I do.

You will always have a friend.

I cannot tell you what the future holds.


I do not know if they ever come back. I don’t know if you will be Ross and Rachel and find each other again, or if you will find someone else who will love you. But I do know that you will be okay.

You will be okay and I will always be here.

Do not give up. Get better. Be brave.

Torri Natalia