Tips to deal with being lonely in college

College may be fun, but let me tell you that is not all rainbows, mixed drinks, and butterflies.

During my time in college (yes even now), I have dealt a lot with loneliness. Sometimes it felt as if I was in a room full of people, but no one seemed to care that I was there or even see me.

I was always scared to talk about how I felt. I felt like a reject. Like everyone was having the time of their lives and I was just…alone.

Thankfully, I realized that I am not alone in feeling lonely. In fact, it is often just a part of being human. Here are a few tips that will (hopefully) help if you ever get the sense that you are alone in the world. These tips often help me.

  • TURN OFF YOUR PHONE – Or at least turn it on do not disturb. I know that whenever I feel lonely it’s usually because I’m focusing on other people’s lives through social media. Take a step back and focus on yourself.
  • Get invested in your favorite movie/tv show/book – I find that some of my best friends are found on screen. You may be lonely now, but submersing yourself in a story and characters can help.
  • Write a list – Write a list about all of the people who love you, about everyone you love, about your favorite things, about what you have to do tomorrow. Anything. Focus on the positive and who is in your life.
  • Pamper yourself – Do the whole sha-bang. Face masks, hair masks, self-tanner, luxurious lotions, everything. I find that pampering myself helps me get in touch with myself and sometimes you have to be your best friend.
  • Get ahead on your work – Sometimes I just love being by myself and getting some great work done. It makes me feel so good about myself, plus keeping myself busy stops the lonely thoughts
  • Occupy your mind – Everyone has different ways to simply make themselves stop thinking. You could go for a run or sleep. My personal favorite is coloring in a coloring book with a great show on. My mind is focused on coloring while I’m also trying to follow along with the dialogue.
  • Put things into perspective – You need to realize that lonely is a feeling. It will pass. And as you watch all of the snapchats and tweets that make it seem that everyone is happy with amazing friends and boyfriends, take a moment to realize it’s not the truth. Those people may feel the exact way you do. You just have to push through and realize you’re not alone.

Once again, the feeling of being lonely is natural and everyone feels it now and then. You are not less for feeling that way.

I can only hope that these tips will help you or that you will never feel this way. But if you do, I will always be here.
I promise you are not alone.

Torri Natalia