PSA to college students: Your grades do not define you

I just had a mini panic attack because I realized that there’s a little over a week until finals….

I’m terrified. Mostly because I always get anxious about tests and big presentations, but also because I feel like I have no idea what the heck I’m doing in my classes. It seems that over Thanksgiving break I completely forgot all of the information I learned throughout the semester…….and that’s not good.

No matter how many face masks I put on or cups of tea I drink, the most comforting I’ve found is that I’m not the only one panicking. Everyone is panicking.

I really wish I was joking, but like every single student I know isn’t prepared for this semester to end.

If you are one of those stressed out students, whether in college or high school, I just want to give you a reminder.

Your grades don’t define who you are.

You are worth so much more than any final. Any stupid paper. Any presentation grade.

No matter what you get in your classes, life will go on and you will still be you. I promise.

School sucks and I have put a lot of pressure on myself throughout the years. Surprisingly, that pressure did not make me an outstanding student or give me a 4.0. In fact, it gave me a great deal of anxiety that has stuck with me and affected almost every other aspect of my life.

While I still put a great deal of effort in my studies, I can honestly say that I became much happier when I realized that getting a B was not the end of the world.

I have promised myself that I will put effort into my school work, but I refuse to sacrifice my mental health.

So take a deep breath. Grab a cup of coffee. Pull out your textbooks. Get your study on. But also know that whatever happens during finals week isn’t going to completely destroy your life. (Unless it somehow does, then I am sorry.)

Would you rather have a 4.0? Or your sanity?

I’m gonna choose my sanity and I hope you do too.

Happy studying!
Torri Natalia