My top ColourPop lippies

Torri Natalia My Favorite ColourPop Lippies

Who doesn’t love ColourPop? Low-price, high-quality makeup that has adorable packaging and adorable people working there (like Jordyn and Sharon).

I could go on and on about all of the products I love from ColourPop, but honestly, there’s nothing I love more than a good lippie. Lipstick is the final touch to any outfit I have. In fact, I sometimes focus my entire look around my lips for the day.

ColourPop has some of my favorite lippies and I find myself wearing them almost every day. I thought I’d share with you some of my favorites with swatches.

At the end of this post, you can find the links to every shade!

Honorable Mentions

It seems that my lippies have started to run away from me, so are the few that I love, but couldn’t swatch

Little Weapon – This is the perfect red. I love it so much and it has great staying power!

November – A beautiful shade, created by Kathleenlights, that is a beautiful pink! The website describes it as a peachy pink, nonetheless, I love it.

The lippies

Torri Natalia ColourPop AlyssaTorri Natalia ColourPop Aquarius UG Torri Natalia ColourPop Aquarius US Torri Natalia ColourPop Barracuda Torri Natalia ColourPop Calypso Torri Natalia ColourPop Cookie Torri Natalia ColourPop Cozy Torri Natalia ColourPop Echo Park Torri Natalia ColourPop Magic Wand Torri Natalia ColourPop Mrs Torri Natalia ColourPop Oh Snap Torri Natalia ColourPop Times Square Torri Natalia ColourPop Viper


Alyssa / Aquarius Ultra Gloss / Aquarius Ultra Satin / Barracuda
Calypso / Cookie / Cozy / Echo Park / Magic Wand
Mrs. / Oh Snap / Times Square  / Viper

While this is a list of my favorite, I’m excited to discover more. The best thing about ColourPop is they are coming out with new products constantly! You are bound to be able to find your favorite shade on their website. (And now ColourPop is at Sephora! AHHHHHHH!)

Now head on over to ColourPop and find your shade (at!

Torri Natalia

P.S. This post is in no way sponsored by ColourPop. I just genuinely love the brand and all of their lippies