Hello I’m… Single : The Stigma of Being Single

Hello. My name is Torri. I am currently single, AND I’m incredibly happy.


I’m single and I’m happy?
Yes. Didn’t you get the memo that you’re allowed to do that?

It seems that every day (or hour) I get on social media, I hear about how lonely someone is or how they just need a significant other….but you don’t.

I love love (don’t get me wrong), but it seems that there is this stigma that people who are single are ‘lonely,’ ‘sad,’ or ‘miserable.’

Society has made it seem as if women are not worth something unless they are “wanted.”

We are living in the era of “relationship goals” and “Look, my boyfriend bought me a car and surprised me with makeup and new clothes! This is what true love looks like!”

Social media is convinced that having someone praise and worship you is the end all be all of happiness – and most people are starting to believe it.

Being able to change your status to “in a relationship” on Facebook does not make you more of a person than someone else. In fact, I could go change my status right now but I would still be the same old me.

Instead of focusing on the fact that nobody “loves” you and that you are unwanted, focus on the relationships you currently do have. Build strong connections with your friends, family, your cat, or even…yourself.


I happen to think that the best relationships come from two whole people coming together to share their awesomeness.

A while back, I had my heart broken. Like shattered. I was a ball of anxiety and tears for what seemed like years – but it was really just a month or two.

Out of becoming single, I realized now is the time to focus on me.

I was free to take risks, restart my blog, say yes to that internship and work two jobs without the worry that I’ll be losing time with my significant other.

I’ve made new friends and had new experiences (not to mention the money I saved from not having to buy his anniversary present).

I fell in love with me and with who I am. I know my worth and I’m happy to say that this is the most confident I have ever felt.

You are not ‘pitiful’ or ‘sad’ for being single. You’re just chillin waiting for the right person to come along and not settling until they do.
Think of how many relationships you see where the love is gone, yet they refuse to let go and break up.

And let’s not forget the fact that those couples on social media probably have problems too. They could fight every second of the day and only agree on taking a cute picture for ‘the gram.’

You’re single because you aren’t settling, not because you aren’t worth something. Waiting for the right person/relationship is admirable and I’m very proud of you (even if sometimes you feel a little lonely).

Be a badass and keep not settling

Torri Natalia