Hello, I’m… Crazy

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Are you a woman? Have you ever been called crazy?

Has someone ever blamed your “crazy” actions on it being that time of the month?

Have you ever been called “crazy” for showing genuine concerns for your relationships and people you care about?

Have you ever been called “crazy” simply because you have (and show) your emotions?

Now obviously, you are crazy. If someone has reason to call you crazy, even if they do not have any sort of Ph.D. in psychiatry, they must be right. Right?

Actually wrong.

If people think you are being dramatic or crazy, they may possibly need a reality check.

But did they ever stop to ask why you’re “crazy?”

In my experience, when someone calls you crazy, it’s because someone else MADE you that way.

Like LeAnn Rimes says, “crazy women are made by crazy men.”

Are you really crazy? Let’s think about this…

People don’t just wake up and decide to be crazy.

It’s not because they are bored and need something to spice up their lives.

If you have the audacity to call someone crazy, maybe… just maybe… take a look at what’s going on in their life.

I’ve always found it funny that men like to call women crazy when THEY ARE THE REASON WHY.

Take a step back and think, “Have I been acting like an asshole recently which in turn led this beautiful woman to her wits end?”

The answer is probably yes.

And for those of you “crazy” people, here’s a reminder that being crazy is normal. Everyone has their moments and you probably have a right to feel and act the way you do.

Take a deep breath and don’t let “crazy” define you.

There are worse things I would be called than crazy. Be able to recognize that you much more than a simple word and carry on with your crazy self.

(But there is a point where maybe you need to take a step back and reevaluate your level of crazy… don’t kill anyone.)

Welcome to the crazy club ladies.

Torri Natalia