A Gift Guide for the Busy College Girl

Gift Guide for the Busy College GirlsDo you know how I know Christmas is only two weeks away?? Because I’m freaking the f out about finals.

I have been crazy busy these past few weeks (or years) and I’m so ready for a break. Thankfully, all of my friends are crazy like me and are super busy too. Which is why I decided to create this gift guide for the busy college girl.

I think these gifts would work great for a variety of people and the wide range of prices helps generate loads of ideas!

Torri Natalia - Gift Guide for the Busy College Girls

Gift Guide for the Busy College Girl

  1. Mochithings Better Together Laptop Case – After Pinterest brought my attention to mochithings a few years ago, I have been obsessed! This laptop case comes in three different colors and looks ridiculously convenient. You can keep all of your stuff together without having to haul around your backpack constantly.
  2. American Eagle Oversized Sweater – College has changed my style into comfy, casual, and quick. Not only is this sweater adorable, but it looks ridiculously comfy and soft. Pair it with some cute earring and swipe on some mascara and lipsticks, and you have a cute look in no time. For the busy college student, convenience is key.
  3. “In memory of when I could sleep in” mug – Cute and accurate. Who doesn’t need more adorable mugs to chug coffee out of?
  4. Wireless headphones – I listen to music walking to class, working out, working on homework, and… well, all the time. Having wireless headphones is just convenient (there’s that word again). The photo is super cute beats headphones, but here’s another less expensive option!
  5. ColourPop Double Entendre palette – As you may know, I looovveee  ColourPop (see this post). Their new Double Entendre palette has every neutral you may need, any day or night. It’s inexpensive and a great size for travel too!
  6. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch – I NEED THIS WATCH IN MY LIFE. It is adorable, neutral (so it will go with everything), AND it’s a smartwatch. This watch keeps track of your fitness, sends you notifications and a bunch more. Yes, it comes at a price, but I really, really, really, really want it.
  7. Tote purse – Okay, just look at the size of that purse! You could fit so much in there!!! The handles are long enough to go over your shoulder, and you can use it going from class to your everyday life. I had a purse like it for my internship, and I loved it. Yes, the Kate Spade purse shown is very expensive, but Target has quite a few purses like it.
  8. DryBar Fully Loaded Set – A good blow dryer is life changing. With a little practice, this set can get you beautiful hair and help you skip the straightener. It can save so much time!
  9. Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops – For those in your life who loves a good highlight but have little time to achieve it, this is what they need! This product is beautiful and life-changing. You will have a “fleeky” highlight in seconds, or you can mix it in with your foundation/tinted moisturizer and skip the highlighter altogether. It has saved me so much time!
  10. Gift Cards! – The one pictured, but honestly, any gift card can help us busy, broke, college students. It’s nice to be able to treat ourselves every now and then, but gift cards for groceries or gas can help us focus on our million activities.

Honorable Mentions

  • Laundry Detergent. It’s nice to have an unlimited supply of tide pods.
  • Blankets. When you’re busy, it’s nice to relax every once in awhile.
  • Coffee. Having delicious, quality coffee grounds around is great. Not having to buy them yourself is even better.
  • This T-Shirt that I absolutely adore
  • AND this elephant plush toy/heating pad (something that really helps my anxiety and comforts me a lot)

If you need inspiration on what to get your friends, girlfriend, or yourself (treat yo self), hopefully, this gave you some last minute inspiration! I would be extremely happy to find these gifts under the tree, and I know plenty others who would too

Let me know what you have on your Christmas list and your favorite gift ideas.
Torri Natalia

Torri Natalia Gift Guide for the Busy College Girls

Torri Natalia - Gift Guide for the Busy College Girls