Building A Better Me: My Personal Goals

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I am in a rut.

At this very moment, I feel like I am currently stuck in one place while being sad, feeling lonely, and in absolutely no motivation. We’ve all been there…at least I hope I’m not alone.

I know it isn’t the New Year, I know it isn’t even the start of the month… but I need to make a change. I need to find a way to be happy and propel my life forward.

In order to do that, I need to realize who I want to become and how to get there. Sitting down and writing out what I want my personal goals to be is the first step in completing them… so here they are.

  • Be kind to myself. I am my own worst enemy. I find the good in others but usually fail to do so in myself.
  • Do something productive each day. When I am productive, I feel good. I feel this amazing sense of accomplishment that powers the rest of my day. Even if it is something as small as straightening my hair or making my bed, I need to have more productive days.
  • Be better to my body. I’m a busy person. Because I’m so busy, I often neglect to take care of my body the way I should. I’ve taken baby steps, I just need to keep it up.
  • Take care of my skin. I have always been the type of person to follow the motto “look better, feel better.” I love makeup, but sadly my skin suffers sometimes because of it. I feel if I have a new confidence in my skin, I will create a new confidence in myself.
  • Read more. Read everything and anything. Books, poetry, short stories, the news. Just read everything and gain a knowledge that not many have the motivation to learn.
  • Push myself to socialize more. I am lonely a lot of the time. Honestly, I create my own loneliness by shutting people out and avoiding interaction. I need to push myself outside of my little bubble and create new friendships and relationships.
  • Stop procrastinating. I can’t tell you how good it feels when I don’t procrastinate! But I still seem to do it anyway… I need to break this habit.
  • Be positive. I fear failure. I fear being lonely and unappreciated. I also fear that I annoy everyone around me and that they hate me (thanks anxiety). I trap myself in this negative thought bubble and it is certainly time to pop it.
  • Write more. I genuinely like writing and blogging. It helps clear my mind and helps me get my thoughts on a page. I need to write – even if it is about makeup.

I am trying to grow and accomplish all that I can (this blog is a part of that).

Hopefully, the second half of 2017 will be wonderful and I feel better than ever.

No matter the situation, take the time to focus on yourself first. Focus on you and the rest may begin to fall into place.

Have an amazing day.
Torri Natalia