6 Essentials You Need in Your College Bag

College is stressful.

You’re out on your own. You have to walk everywhere, and you can only carry so many bags at a time.

You have to make sure you are stocked at all times with what you may need (because walking back to your dorm room all the time is not fun)

In my bag, I try to keep these six essential items to help me out through those long college days and takes a little bit of stress off of my shoulders.

  1. A Water bottle (with a straw!) – Stay hydrated! If you have a water bottle with you, it will make it a whole lot easier!
  2. Granola Bars – If you’re like me… you’re hungry ALL the time. Keeping granola bars in your bag will help fend off hunger so you don’t overdo it on those chicken nuggets later.
  3. Lotion – Who likes dry skin? No one. This will help you, especially in the winter.
  4. Kleenex – In college, when one person gets sick, everyone gets sick. And college doesn’t provide the tissues for you, so you better bring some yourself!
  5. Lipstick – I always wake up too late in the morning, so I usually do my makeup and run out the door. Most days, I completely forget to put on any lip products and my lips end up dry and blend into my face. Keeping lipstick in my bag is always a savior to me.
  6. Headphones – These are so helpful. I can’t tell you how nice it is to put your headphones in when you’re walking around campus and don’t want to talk to people. They also help me focus when I’m studying!

These six items help me prepare for the average college day.

Now don’t forget some of the given essentials – like your books and pencils and all that stuff.

While these are my essentials, what are yours?
Let me know in the comments down below!

Torri Natalia