20 Lessons in 20 Years

I have officially been alive for two whole decades. 20 Lessons in 20 YearsWow.


While I may not be the wisest person around, I have definitely learned some in my short life.

Inspired by the wonderful JennaMarbles, here are my 20 lessons that I have learned in my 20 years


  1. People suck. Even your favorite people will screw you over.
  2. YOU CAN FEEL YOUR FEELINGS. When you’re mad, you have every right to feel that way. Don’t bottle up your feelings because they are “right.”
  3. There are some things you should not be cheap about. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather spend a lot of money on a really nice self-tanner than look orange for a week…
  4. Why be mediocre at something? If you’re gonna do something, do it right. Don’t waste your time on (especially if isn’t your favorite).
  5. Everyone is disgusting. Everyone poops. All girls have periods. Everyone burps and farts. Get used to it and don’t make a big deal.

  6. Wake up and be productive. It feels amazing and is a good excuse to be lazy that evening. 

  7. Say how you feel.  You never know how much time you have. Don’t leave it up to chance and just tell that person you appreciate them.

  8. TREAT YO SELF. You bet your sweet ass that I’m gonna spend $10 on an expensive coffee and a sugar cookie (which I am enjoying at this very moment). It makes me feel good, therefore, it is so worth it.

  9. Eat that donut/cake/cookie. It will taste amazing and one won’t completely destroy you. Life’s too short to not enjoy it.

  10. On that note… working out truly does improve your life. It makes you feel happy, confident, and productive. And most importantly, it makes you feel better about eating that cake later. 

  11. Not everyone is going to like you.  Don’t stress about it and focus on those who do like you.

  12. Know when to cut someone out of your life. People make mistakes, but some people are simply takers instead of givers. Know when the effort of keeping them around is greater than the effort of moving on

  13. “Only time will tell” or “it gets better with time” are the worst things to hear… but they’re true. Five months ago, I was completely broken and didn’t think I’d survive an entire semester. While I may still be in love with a stupid boy (who isn’t?), I finished and am still standing.

  14. I will NEVER like avocado. I don’t care if it’s healthy. It’s gross.

  15. Water is your best friend. Drink it. Period.

  16. Fill your life with people that lift you up and make you laugh. (And those that’ll nap with you)

  17. Don’t let your anxiety make you ditch out on plans. You may meet great people and have a grand ole time (but don’t blame me if you don’t).

  18. You’ll only regret the naps you didn’t take.

  19. Do whatever you want with your body. Cover it in makeup or tattoos. Pierce this, don’t shave that. Feel confident and magnificent in your own skin, whatever that takes. All I ask is that you do not judge or do whatever you want with someone else’s body. (Oh, and please shower….)

  20. Take lots of pictures of everything and anything important to you. You won’t regret it. I promise

If you have not already learned a few of these lessons, or simply need a reminder, I hope this post helped.

I cannot wait to spend the next year discovering and learning more to share with you on my 21st birthday.

Eat some cake for me! 


Torri Natalia