11 Tips To Help Brighten Your Day

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Life sucks.
Especially when you are constantly waiting on people and things to make yourself happy.


Throughout my 20 years, I have realized that happiness isn’t something you wait for. Happiness is something you have to create for yourself.

If you are in a slump, here are 10 things that I like to do to brighten my day.

  1. Clean. My room. My car. One single drawer in my dresser. Anything
  2. Eat my favorite foods. I love making myself a nice meal (or snack) filled with foods that make me happy.
    Bonus: Eating healthy, feel good foods.
  3. Working out. Working out gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy just don’t kill people.
  4. Going on a walk or a bike ride. Two of my favorite things to do because they clear my mind and keep my active.
    Bonus: Go with a friend or two.
  5. Doing that thing you’ve been avoiding doing. I have avoided filling out some paperwork and writing this blog post forever. Getting it done and out of the way will take some weight off your shoulders and help you breath easier.
  6. Buy myself something nice. Expensive or inexpensive. Small or big. A pen or a flat screen TV. Nothing makes me happier than presents to myself, even if it’s just coffee.
  7. Phone a friend. Catch up. Make plans. Tell them about a song you recently listened to that reminded you of them. It could improve both of your days.
    Bonus: Phone a long distance friend or if you go and hang out with a friend.
  8. Take a nap. Not too long of one though so that you wake up groggy, but who doesn’t love sleep?
  9. Create something. Write. Draw. Make a logo for your name on Google Drawings. Show all of your friends how artsy and cool you are (even if you aren’t artsy and cool).
  10. Take an exttrreeemelly long shower. Shave. Exfoliate. Put on a face mask. Then when I get out, lather up in my favorite lotion (this one) and put my favorite facial oil and moisturizer on. I feel amazing and usually smell like a cookie.
  11. Make a gratitude list. Write down everything in your life that is wonderful and that you are grateful for. It will help fill up your heart and make you realize how great life really is.

Try out a few of these and let me know if they help.

Also, let me know what makes you happy in the comments!

Torri Natalia